About ArtHistory.us

ArtHistory.us is an online, open access journal encompassing all areas of art historical study. We aim to intersect the academic and public realm by providing a platform for the free interchange of ideas between people regardless of where they are on their academic or professional journey.

This journal is driven by three core beliefs:

  • Everyone has something valuable to say about art and its history.
  • The digital age is transforming how the historical narrative of art is being told.
  • Research and ideas should be openly shared.

ArtHistory.us invites submissions on any area of the history of art and visual culture from those who desire to share their ideas and research with a global audience. Let's narrate the story of art together through new perspectives, rich interpretations, and accurate intellectual content.

Our Content

ArtHistory.us accepts submissions on a rolling basis with the goal of creating a consistent flow of new, quality content for the journal. We seek contributions from authors who support the mission of open access research and want to further the development of digital art history. We encourage authors to use freely available online resources in their research and to incorporate digital content into their articles.

In addition to publishing articles online, we will be releasing an annual magazine comprised of content from the website chosen by the editor. Issues of the magazine will be available for purchase on an individual basis, which assists in defraying the cost of maintaining the journal's website.

We invite all who read ArtHistory.us to participate in an open dialogue about the ideas expressed in the journal by contributing to the journal's Facebook page.

How to Reference ArtHistory.us Articles

Examples of proper attribution in academic formats are:

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