Submissions welcomes submissions on a rolling basis. We will occassionally announce CFPs for Special Issues of the journal (both in its online & print formats); these CFPs will have a two month window for contributors to submit their articles for consideration. Articles are published on the website immediately after editor approval and are considered for inclusion in the annual print magazine if the author selects this option on the Submission Form.

To submit an article, authors are asked to provide an abstract of no more than 150 words, the full and final text of their article, images referenced in the text, and (if desired) a brief author biography and photo. Articles should contain clear, intriguing text and present something original about the subject being discussed. We look for depth of research, rich interpretations, historical accuracy, and the accessibility of the article's language.

We encourage contributors to incorporate digital resources into their articles, within copyright permissions. This includes any relevant links (e.g., to the Google Art Project or other interactive art historical tools), online bibliography, YouTube videos, and similar online content that may enhance readers' understanding of your article's subject.

Submission Guidelines

Article Requirements: Submissions should be at least 1,300 words and are expected to be in their final, finished state. There is currently no limit to how long an article can be. Articles should be formatted in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition and include any citations as endnotes. Articles must have a bibliography of works cited. If your article contains any quotes in a language other than English, then you should use an English translation in your article and place the original wording in your endnotes.

A numbered list of illustrations (table of figures) corresponding to the figures referenced in text is also required. List each work as follows:

Fig. [ # ]: Artist (First name & last name), Title of the Work (Year), Location, Medium, Dimensions, Image Source (URL, if relevant).

Works of art referenced in the text must be formatted as "(fig. [#])" so our editor can determine where images should be displayed on the website (and the print magazine) if your article is selected for publication. Do not include the actual images in your text file, as you may exceed the maximum upload size limit.

Submit your article in .doc or .docx (preferred) format.

Abstract: Abstracts are a brief summary of the content and approach of your article. Abstracts are required and must be no more than 150 words (approximately 1,000 characters).

Image Requirements: We prefer that authors submit the highest resolution images possible. At a minimum, images must be at least 400px wide by 400px high. We accept images in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .gif format.

Use the naming convention "Fig_[#]" for your images (e.g., Fig_1.jpg, Fig_2.jpg, etc.)

Please do not submit any images that are under copyright unless you have obtained permission from the copyright holder to publish the images on If you are submitting your own photographs or work, you acknowledge and agree that will publish your work under a CC-NY-BC license if your article is selected for publication.

Many museum collections operate under an open access policy. We encourage authors to utilize the resources offered by these institutions, including but not limited to:

Author Biography & Photo (optional): If desired, authors may submit a brief biography and photo (at least 400px x 400px) along with their submission. If your paper is published, your biography and photo will be displayed at the end of your article. If you do not supply a photo with your bibliography, a placeholder image will be used. If you include an Institution and Degree on the Submission Form , this information will be displayed underneath your name. Authors published on will eventually have the capability to edit their photos and biographies.

    Submission Checklist:
  • Brief Abstract of no more than 1000 characters.
  • Article of at least 1,300 words in .doc or .docx (preferred) format, including endnotes, works cited, and a table of figures.
  • Images in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif format (named Fig_[#]).
  • Brief Author Biography (optional).
  • Author Photo (optional) (at least 400px x 400px).
  • Links to digital content (if relevant).
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